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Social Media Marketing

Digital social media


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Services We Offer:

- Social Media Management and Takeovers

- Branding and Design

- Ad Campaign Management and Strategies 

- Content Creation

Social media advertising is the suggested route to help the marketing potential for most businesses. Utilizing Facebook Ad Campaigns to target specific demographics we can educate the local community about the new service that Aloha Insurance is offering, create legitimacy by gaining “likes” and “follows” and increase traffic to the website.

If you’re new to the idea of Facebook ads, consider that there were over 2.3 billion active Facebook users on the last day of 2018. It’s unlikely that you’ll find this large of an audience anywhere else. The best part is, you can target them based on tons of different characteristics. Simply put, a Facebook paid ad campaign can help to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Here are some goals we can reach:


  1. Brand Awareness - Let the people in your city know that you are offering services in their area.

  2. Reach - Reach the optimal number of people within your target audience.

  3. Traffic - Boost traffic to:

  4. Video Views - Deliver video ads to Facebook users who are most likely to watch.

  5. Lead Generation - Aquire more leads for your business by obtaining users’ contact information

  6. Conversations - Drive a specific action on your website, such as "Marine Vessel Quotes."

  7. Engagement - Deliver your ads to the people most likely to engage, like, comment, share,

    react-with your ads and posts. Example: Target tour groups, marine vessels, etc.



First, we must decide which social media platforms are the best for marketing your product/services. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

  • Facebook is a must because there we can do fine-tuned targeting, there’s a large mobile audience,

    extensive analytics and because of their upward trending click-through rates.

  • Youtube ads, although more expensive and less “trackable” are a growing way to reach potential customers

    in a specific area codes with video presentations.

  • Instagram posts can be done simultaneously with your Facebook posts and ads utilizing software like Sprout

    Social ($40/month) Apps like Sprout offer really great tracking and analytical analysis so you can see exactly where your ad spending is going, what works and more importantly what doesn’t work.

    Your Customers Finding You

    • We will be utilizing these hashtags, #example #example #example


    • We will have monthly analytics and tracking reports to refine the strategy at a minimum by utilizing Facebook’s built in tracking or by using a pay scheduling app like Sprout Social.

    Social Media Management Details:

    • I will be your dedicated social media correspondent. When a comment is made, it will be responded to in a timely manner with an upbeat and positive tone, no matter the comment. Along with commenting, message replies and lead generation forwarding, I will be managing the ad posting schedule, content and copy writing. This will be a minimum of 30-40 hours per week of attention to your SM platforms.

✓Increase Sales
✓Increase Website Traffic
✓Increase Engagement and Community

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