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Director Devin Hume with Christopher Lloyd and Sally Kirkland on the set of Making a Killi


The Full Story

Working as a cinematographer, video/photographer afforded Devin the opportunity to travel the world gathering stories and experiences from Greece to Dubai and Oman in the middle east and southeast Asia. Devin became a certified PADI-Divemaster where he spent months guiding hundreds of divers underwater in the Gulf Of Thailand. It was there he discovered his passion for underwater photography and a sense of responsibility toward marine life conservation. In 2016 and 2017 Devin spent over 200 hours filming manta rays at night and received a "Manta Ray Naturalist Certification" from the Manta Ray Pacific Foundation. Devin and his family now live in Hawaii where he co-founded The Love Waters, LLC, promoting ocean conservation awareness through renegade science and underwater imaging, with his wife Abbey. 

Along his journey, Devin discovered he had a specific talent for directing. His unassuming nature and clarity of vision make directing films his natural calling. Devin’s reputation for equanimity on set with both cast and crew as well as a strong business acumen for running productions on time and on a budget is evidence to his professionalism.  Devin's feature film debut, Making a Killing, received several best picture awards at independent film festivals in 2018 and is NOW STREAMING on iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, Googleplay and more streaming platforms worldwide.

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